Victoria Wright in GRID Magazine

Victoria Wright in GRID Magazine

Check out our feature in GRID Magazine's blog! Read a short excerpt here and click read more to see the whole article!

"When Victoria Wright was getting married, her husband bought a made-to-measure suit for their wedding. The purchase was a lightbulb moment for her. She thought to herself “Why doesn’t this exist for women?”  Now, she’s bringing a made-to-measure brand that does to Philadelphia. 

“Women have so many fit issues, I feel like every other day I meet someone who says their top is two times smaller than their bottom and vice versa,” Wright says. 

The Bucks County native knew she wanted to make clothes since she was 13-years-old. She graduated from the Moore College of Art in 2012, and eventually launched her brand, Victoria Wright Made to Measure, at Philly fashion week in 2019. 

What makes Wright’s business unique is that she comes to you. 

Customers can set an appointment to meet with Wright where she’ll show them different fabrics and walk them through an online suit-designing platform. At the end of the appointment, Wright measures the client, and puts their measurements into the system. Then in about four to six weeks, they have the perfectly made-to-measure suit at their door." - Gabrielle Houck



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