Expert Tips on Taking your own Measurements

Get ready! Tips before we begin measuring:

  1. Wear form fitted clothing, such as leggings and a tight tee shirt or, if you’re so inclined, strip down to your underwear to get the most accurate measurements.

  2. Be honest! Fudging the measurements could mean getting a garment that is less than perfect and we are perfectionists! Don’t worry, your measurements are all kept confidential and only used for making your personalized garment. 

Step 1: Bust

Wrap a soft tape measure around your bust. Take it around your back, across your shoulder blades and under your arms making sure it is parallel to the floor. It should wrap around the fullest part of your bust.

Bring the ends together in the center front. Place your thumb beneath the tape measure and keep yourself from pulling too tight, as this could give you an incorrect measurement. This is your bust measurement.

Next, place the tape measure underneath your bust so that it rests where your bra band would sit. This is your underbust measurement.

Step 2: Waist

Identify your natural waist. It’s the narrowest part of your torso, generally located between your rib cage and belly button. It tends to be about two fingers above your belly button around where your rib cage ends. Still unsure? Stand straight and hinge to the side at your waist. (Who knew those side stretches in yoga class would be so useful!) The place where your body naturally bends is your waist.

Wrap the tape measure around your natural waist. Keep it parallel to the floor. Do not hold your breath or suck your stomach in. (Otherwise your garment may end up too tight!) Hold your body straight in a comfortable standing position to get an accurate measurement. Be sure you don’t pull the measuring tape too tight. This is your waist measurement.

Step 3: Hips

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks. This is usually located 7 to 9 inches below your natural waist. Always remember to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

Bring the tape measure together in the center front. (Again, take care to prevent yourself from pulling the tape measure too tightly.) This is your hips measurement.

Step 4: Arms

Place one end of the measuring tape on top of your shoulder. (This is where the shoulder seam of a regular tee shirt or top meets the sleeve.) Measure along the arm down to your wrist. This is you sleeve length measurement.

Next, measure your upper arm.Stand in front of a mirror with your arm extended outward. Wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your upper arm. (I know you’re proud of all those pilates classes shaping your Michelle Obama arms, but this isn’t the time to flex.) Keep the tape measure somewhat taut, but do not let it dig into your skin. This is your bicep measurement.

Step 5: Shoulders

You will need a friend for this measurement. Stand with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Have your friend extend the tape measure from the outer edge of one shoulder to the outer edge of the other. (The outer edge of your shoulder is where the shoulder seam of a regular tee shirt or top meets the sleeve). Keep the tape parallel to the floor. This is your shoulder width.

Step 6: Pant Measurements

Measure your inseam. Take into account if you will be wearing high heels or flats with your pant. Ask a friend to use a tape measure to measure the length of your leg from your ankle up to the bottom of your crotch. You should be standing with your leg straight while this is done. Don’t have a friend available? Use your favorite pair of jeans! (Just make sure they are the exact length you want.) Extend the tape measure from the bottom hem straight up to the lowest point of the crotch area.(Where the two pant legs seams come together.) Round the number up to the nearest half-inch. Et Voila! Your inseam measurement.

Next, measure your thigh. Stand with your legs slightly apart. Wrap a tape measure around the thickest part of your thigh (about 1-2” below your crotch). Keep it parallel to the floor and taut, but do not pull so tight that it digs into your leg. Bring the ends together in the front of your thigh and record the number. This is your thigh measurement.

Step 7: Length Measurements

DRESSES: For your desired dress length have a friend help you out. Instruct your friend to put the end of the measuring tape where the shoulder seam meets your neck. Measure down vertically over the chest and stomach to the point where you would like your dress to end. This is your dress length measurement.

BLOUSES: For your blouse length, follow the same steps as for the dress length measurement but take the measurement where the measuring tape hits your hip line or your preferred hemline. This is your blouse length measurement.

SKIRTS: For skirt length, stand with your back straight and your legs together. Instruct your friend to hold the end of the tape measure at the center of your natural waist. Extend the tape measure down to your knees or your preferred hemline. This is your skirt length measurement.


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